Transmission Problems in Your Mercedes at Ann Arbor

When people think of a professional, high-end vehicle with a reputation for quality, there’s a pretty good chance they’re thinking of some type of Mercedes. Sleek, smart, and exuding quality and refinement, it’s not hard to see why a Mercedes is the perfect car for those who expect nothing but the best.

For this reason, any issue or malfunction that interrupts a Mercedes’ luxe image is wholly unacceptable for any driver of this type. While a Mercedes undoubtedly represents quality, any vehicle given time or wear is likely to show a few signs of their age. However, being able to identify the early stages of a variety of problems can help ensure the repairs required are quick and swift to employ.

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the signs and signals that your Mercedes might be struggling with issues with its transmission.

What Does a Transmission do?

Your Mercedes’ transmission is in charge of making sure the right amount of power is provided to your wheels, which allows them to drive at a given speed. This is achieved by the shifting of gears. These days, cars will most commonly either have a manual or automatic transmission.

Signs of Trouble

There are many common signs of an issue with the transmission, and while the list found below isn’t exhaustive, it does cover some of the most frequent symptoms you might find your Mercedes suffers with.

1) Check Engine Light
Most commonly, your car’s onboard computer (OBD) will be the first system to note issues with the transmission. The system will generally try to inform you of this via illuminating your Mercedes’ ‘check engine’ warning light.

2) A Rough Shift
An issue most commonly reserved to vehicles with an automatic transmission, if your car changing gears is noticeable and choppy instead of effortless and smooth, then it is likely that your transmission is struggling.

For drivers with a manual transmission, feeling the gears grind or prove difficult to move can be a similar indicator of transmission issues.

3) Noises
Irritating buzzing, humming, or whining sounds coming from your vehicle are also signs that your transmission might be under strain. While these sounds can differ from vehicle to vehicle, any unusual sound coming from your Mercedes should always be thoroughly investigated.

4) Leaking Transmission Fluid
Probably one of the clearest diagnostic signs of a damaged transition, leaking fluid will become noticeable under your car when parked. This may not always be a sign of a transmission issue however, as it can also just be a transmission leak, which can be easily patched. Either way, you’ll need to have this problem checked over by a professional mechanic.

5) A Burning Smell
Probably one of the most worrying signs of a transmission issue, a burning smell should never be ignored. Issues with the transmission fluid can cause your entire transition system to overheat. This will require immediate attention, and if not seen to could result in the complete and total failure of the entire transmission system.

6) A Slippy Transmission
If you find your Mercedes is struggling to stay in the correct gear, then it is likely that the link holding your gears is loose or broken, and is no longer holding your gears firmly in place. This can make your car a hazard, so must be taken to a professional Mercedes repair shop to repair straight away.

Seek Repairs As Soon As Possible

As it is an integral part of your car, any issue with the transmission system in your Mercedes should be dealt with straight away. This will prevent your car from becoming a dangerous hazard, as well as reducing the amount of damage caused by other systems trying to make up the shortfall left by the damaged part. In short, getting things fixed fast will save you time and money.

If you’re a Mercedes driver living in Ann Arbor or any of the surrounding areas of Michigan, and are worried about the state of your vehicle’s transmission, then drive on down to Orion Automotive Services. With an outstanding 5-star rating across Google, Yelp, and Facebook, you can rest easy knowing your Mercedes is in the safest, most trusted hands possible.

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