Few automotive manufacturers have the aura around their name that Porsche does. Famous for staying true to its roots while delivering some of the most refined driving experiences on the market, Porsche appeals to a certain type of owner.  However, within Porsche’s lineup are a variety of vehicles built for different buyers and budgets. While […]

Since the 2012 model year, all new vehicles have been required to employ traction control systems (TCS) to maintain the car’s grip under acceleration, as well as an anti-lock brake system which does the same under braking.  While these systems usually go unnoticed, as they’re made to, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues that […]

It’s not uncommon for certain cars to develop a reputation for a specific issue, but there may not be a more well-known failure point in the car industry than Subaru’s infamous head gasket issues.  While the brand has largely eliminated this problem on their modern vehicles, there was a period of time when head gaskets […]

When considering a German luxury car, there is a lot to weigh between the three biggest manufacturers. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes all offer sophisticated, high-performance, and technologically advanced vehicles. Outside of engine options, interior specs, paint color, and price, the all-wheel drive systems offered by these brands are often compared. While the systems (Audi’s Quattro, […]

Volvo is well known for its luxurious interiors, practicality, and especially safety. The iconic Swedish marquee has produced some of the most advanced and safe vehicles of all time. However, just like any luxury make, many prospective owners worry about the maintenance costs and reliability of the vehicle. Are Volvos Reliable? Volvo has built a […]

Engine knock is one of the most dreaded sounds to hear from your vehicle. The smooth operation of your motor becomes violent and unnerving. This noise is almost impossible to ignore, and that’s good considering that it often means there’s a critical issue in your engine.  There are a few reasons that your engine could […]

Feeling your transmission “slip” can be a worrying feeling. Transmissions are some of the most complicated, and subsequently expensive, parts of your vehicle. There’s a wide variety of causes for a slipping transmission, so it’s important for owners to understand what a slip is, why it happens, and how to address it going forward. What […]

Knowing when to service your vehicle is essential for owners of any brand, but especially those who own German cars. However, keeping track of the various service intervals can become a challenge. From oil changes, brake fluid flushes, and other routine maintenance, there’s a lot to remember as an owner. But when bringing your car […]

Fuel injectors are one of the most important parts of your engine, and as their name suggests, they inject fuel into the cylinders during the combustion process. These injectors have to be timed to the exact moment of the combustion cycle where they need to inject the fuel. Even the smallest fault in an injector […]

The 997 generation of the Porsche 911 was the long-awaited successor to the controversial 996 generation. Being Porsche’s second attempt in the water cooling game, they had a little more experience under their belt. Arriving in 2004, the 997 retained much of the 996’s DNA, with a few major exceptions. Most obviously was the change […]