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Dear Orion Guests,

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health.

Spring is here and so are we! The flowers are blooming and warm winds are not far off. We took some time to be safe at home with our families and now we're back ready to keep you safely on the road. We hope we're nearing the end of the self-quarantine period, so let us know if this is a good time to get your car into Spring shape while it isn't being driven. We are still following strict safety standards for the health of our team and our guests. Please call or email the shop to set up an appointment.

Everything OK with your ride? We would love nothing more than to hear from you. Reach out and let us know you are OK. We miss you!

Be safe and be well,
Rich and The Crew

Reminder: Here's How We're Keeping You Safe!

We're still modifying our practices to ensure the safety of our guests and the safety of our team. So, here is the plan to keep us all safe and happy:

Until further notice, Only Orion team members will be allowed in the building.

1. Guest will schedule an appointment by phone, email, or website.
2. A member of our team will contact you to schedule a drop off time.
3. Once you arrive, drop your keys in the after hours chute in the little vestibule in front of building.
4. One of us will contact you with an assessment. Our software is perfect for communicating recommendations. You can call, text, or email us, or approve the work in the email we will send you.
5. Once the work is completed, we'll take payment over the phone and schedule a time for pickup.
6. After service, we'll thoroughly disinfect your vehicle and park in front of the building.

As always, we're thoroughly cleaning our facility throughout the day and are restricting our team's travel as much as is possible.

About Orion

When you begin with just a beeper, a truck and a box of tools, you learn that friendly, competent and trustworthy go a long way.

If you do it right and keep at it, 20 years later you’ll have some of the same customers you started with, and be able to talk proudly about those long relationships. People will follow you from a two car garage on Moseley, to a hidden redoubt west of town. You can grow bigger and better.

As far as making you our customer goes, probably nothing we can say on this website will work as well as you calling us or driving in. Give us the chance to talk with you. Come see how we’ve made our out-of-the-way location into an environment that’s pleasant and relaxing. Introduce us to your car to see if we get along. We’re life-long professional car guys. We’ve been making and fixing things since we were kids. We constantly update our diagnostic equipment and skills to stay on top of our game and provide you the best service.

our exceptional staff

Jason Ferrer (Parts Specialist) :

Jason Ferrer (Parts Specialist)

If Jason’s happy were all happy here! Jason finally said yes and joined the team in 2015. Rich and Becky asked him to join Orion for years and one day he finally said sure! Jason was a parts specialist at Howard cooper VW/Audi for 23 years. Jason handles all of our parts flow and keeps things running smooth.

He and is his wife are the proud parents of Lukas. He enjoys camping with his family.

Michael Miller (Service Consultant) :

Michael Miller (Service Consultant)

Mike joined Orion in early 2018 to help out with guest services and to give Rich more time for climbing and Micheal Rod more time for farming. Before joining the team he was a service consultant for a Lexus dealership, so he brings a great deal of knowledge of Asian luxury vehicles. He also spent years in domestic luxury dealerships, Cadillac and a Lincoln.
He genuinely cares for the the guest experience at Orion, he has drunk the exceptional service kool-ade.
He has young twin daughters who are very involved in Horse competitions. He’s is a happy horsey daddy when not at the shop.

Richard Cox :

Richard Cox

The "Leader in Chief" at Orion Auto (it's actually Michael but Rich likes the title). For the past 25 years Rich's only goal has been to build a company he can be proud of. A company that takes care of its customers the way he likes to be taken care of, personalized, professional service! He is happy to lead a top-notch crew of automotive service professionals.

He started Orion Auto in 1992 with a beeper and a mobile service truck. Several years later he obtained a small two car garage in which to grow and build relationships with customers that last to this day. 1999 brought Rich a big new building where he is happy to have a good roof over his head and a great crew by his side. Fast forward to 2013 and good fortune brought him the Parkland Plaza building, Orion’s once and for all home. After a complete renovation and all new state of the art equipment Orion now has the exceptionally spotless facility to match it’s top notch customer service! The gardens are really starting to pop too!
We welcome you to a great automotive service experience at Orion.

Tim Nienciarini (Technician) :

Tim Nienciarini (Technician)

Tim is awesome! Tim joined the team in March of 2016 and is our wonderful apprentice technician. He shares our values of quality and cleanliness and fits right in.

He is an accomplished soccer player and lives with his girlfriend.

Scott MacInnis (emeritus) :

Scott MacInnis (emeritus)

A veritable chick (chicken) magnet, proficient in both tomfoolery as well as spectral diagnostics. He actually has no applicable skills with cars, but is our in-house Chef. In this role, he is unparalleled and will happily talk your ear off about pretty much anything. Seriously. It's kind of spooky.

Trout (emeritus) :

Trout (emeritus)

Our trusty customer support specialist… Kilgore Trout Cox the third comes from a long literary background. He is the third cousin of Philip Roth's beloved Snowflake and was named by his godfather, Jim Harrison after Kurt Vonnegut's legendary character.

Trout recently finished a book tour to promote his latest self help book "Be the> Ball" . A book he wrote in one sitting, longhand (Greek of course), in a cottage on Majorca while on sabbatical after winning his third Macarthur genius grant.

He is is a member of the United States canine racket ball team, he has been captain since 2004. He holds a PHD in Theoretical Widgets and enjoys doing Yoga and chewing on Miles the cat..

Huxley (dog) :

Huxley (dog)

Huxley is a real sweetheart. He apprenticed with the incomparable Trout. He has graduated to Primary Guest Service Director. He is our greeter and smile bringer. He has also taken over the roll of chewing on Miles the cat.

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