Fantastic local business that knows what they are doing and is extremely fair. I have a 2001 z3 that I brought in for service, and the advisors and techs were super clear on their diagnosis, what needed to be done, and educated me on the priority of work as well as what could wait. After looking around for a good local mech, I can happily say I've found one. It's hard to find a team that does great work and is also honest and this shop does both. On concurrent visits, I've brought my other cars for advice and they are always friendly and open to taking a look to give an honest opinion (even if it includes not using them and going somewhere else!) Really appreciate the honesty and superb work done by the team

Kevin Cai Avatar Kevin Cai
August 6, 2022

All ways so helpful, goes above and beyond every time I’m there.

Sophia Maher Avatar Sophia Maher
February 6, 2022

Professional and caring people. Within days of dropping off my car I received a detailed digital report of everything that they found. They included pictures of everything that they spotted. I also had a phone conversation about everything that was found and what they recommended fixing. Very understanding and not pushy whatsoever. Someone even came out and checked on me when I was picking up my car to make sure that everything was working properly. I can tell that they are truly passionate about the work that they do, and the customers that they serve.

Ben Loughridge Avatar Ben Loughridge
February 6, 2021

The service at this shop is stellar. The mechanics know their stuff and the prices are fair.

Michelle Rodriguez Avatar Michelle Rodriguez
February 6, 2020

I like to buy my cars outright and keep them until they rust. A relationship with a good mechanic is a must-have to make this system work. For many years my 2007 Volvo's "primary care physician" worked at the local dealership and he did a great job. When I learned that he moved out of state it was a true loss. As luck would have it another trusted local business, Ross-Beakes Collision, referred me to Orion for work on my Volvo. In my first meeting there with Mike I noticed a Land Rover in the lot and asked about that. I also own a LR4 and have been driving it to the dealer in Farmington Hills for service. Long story short, I have had both vehicles in for service and these guys did great. They were on top of known issues for both vehicles and thorough in their inspection. Everything they found and recommended was documented with a write-up and photos. Pricing was itemized by service item. And their digital game is on point so we were able to communicate, review work estimates and transact our business all online, a definite bonus in this COVID situation. If you're like me and play the long game with your vehicles I gladly recommend Orion based on my recent interactions with them.

Michael Loszewski Avatar Michael Loszewski
February 6, 2021

What type of shop is Orion Automotive? The type of place that takes CARE of you in every sense of the word. A shop that lovingly refers to customers as guests. A place that remembers the names of your children, your pets, the type of wine you like with dinner. Oh, and they are damn good at fixing cars too. I was a proud employee at Orion for 11 years and I continue to trust them to take great CARE of my family and friends. A true Ann Arbor original! Sincerely -The Real Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez Avatar Michael Rodriguez
February 6, 2021

I have just found my new repair shop for my BMWX5! These guys know their stuff and the customer service is superb!

Darlene Lindner Avatar Darlene Lindner
February 6, 2021

I took my Subaru to Orion for a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection prior to selling. Rich and his team did a great job of giving me a list of the safety issues so I could confidently sell my car with good karma and honesty for the buyer. It was a great experience. Thanks, guys!

shawn severance Avatar shawn severance
February 6, 2022

Mike was an enormous help. Definitely recommend them, and will be going to them for any future repairs!

Jim Serbus Avatar Jim Serbus
January 30, 2023

My family has used Orion for many years and has been extremely happy. Orion recently rebuilt my go kart which had been nonfunctional for more than two years. This business is extremely professional, very instructive about the problems our cars have had, and very cost conscious about helping to take care of older cars, while keeping them running and safe. As a long time resident of Ann Arbor, I can highly recommend them.

Roger Avatar Roger
February 6, 2021

Love these guys! Talk me through options on my old truck and have all the fancy machines to work on my electric car.

Jason Frenzel Avatar Jason Frenzel
February 6, 2021

Thorough service, friendly staff, and a feeling of trust that they just want to help maintain my car and not sell me unneeded repairs

Jason Scholz Avatar Jason Scholz
July 6, 2022

Very professional group , amazingly clean facility, mechanics , and the property and grounds look more like a natural park than a mechanics shop! Very refreshing

T.J. Pipkens Avatar T.J. Pipkens
February 6, 2022

I was really impressed with how they kept me up to date on the progress of my repairs. They found some parts that were incorrectly installed by someone else and took care of that too. When I picked up my car, they showed me what had been replaced and what was wrong with it. They care about good service.

Chris Higgins Avatar Chris Higgins
February 6, 2021

By far the best experience i have had at a repair shop. Super friendly both on the phone and in person. Very knowledgeable and explains everything in a way even people who dont know much about cars can understand. Even went as far as pulling my car out of where they stored them with no questions asked without me even asking. Top-tier service

Grant Schreiber Avatar Grant Schreiber
February 6, 2021

Outfreaking standing!!!! I won't take my E Class Mercedes anywhere else. The folks at Orion (Michael, Michael, Jason, and others) were professional, but the quality of their was Exceptional and a third of what you'd normally pay at a dealership. Trust me, see the folks at Orion, you won't be sorry!

Ellis Stafford Avatar Ellis Stafford
February 6, 2020

Mike from Orion patiently answered my questions and Orion handled the problem with my Subaru Crosstrek same day.

Jeanne Gilliland Avatar Jeanne Gilliland
February 6, 2022

Always wonderful work and really amazing customer service! Have had numerous repairs done over the last few years and will keep coming back!

Callan Eschenburg Avatar Callan Eschenburg
February 6, 2022