In 2015, BMW released the replacement for its long-running 335i sports sedan, the 340i. The revised car continues to employ a turbo inline-six engine, albeit an all-new unit dubbed the B58. This new power plant delivers a boost in performance over the 335i, with even more power realized in the higher tier M340i. Like nearly […]

Both vitally important components in transmissions, the terms flywheel and flexplate are sometimes confused with each other. While both look alike and accomplish similar tasks, these components have some major differences that set them apart.  What is a Flywheel? In a manual transmission vehicle, the flywheel is attached to the engine and driven directly from […]

The intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing is a hot topic among Porsche owners, and you’ve probably heard of the infamous failure occurring on various early 2000s models. It’s become one of the major worries of 996 911 owners, but is this concern warranted?  In this article, we’ll cover what the IMS bearing is, its history of […]

When most hear the name Subaru, they picture rugged vehicles with a focus on practicality and safety; and in large part this is accurate. If you’ve ever watched a Subaru commercial, you know that this is the exact image the company tries to portray.  There’s a different side to Subaru though, one with almost a […]

In the last few decades, turbochargers have developed from a purely performance-focused technology to one of the most popular and beneficial parts of modern vehicles from sports cars to grocery getters.  A large part of this transformation came from the benefits of the twin-scroll turbocharger design, as it mitigated many of the drawbacks that manufacturers […]

Few automotive manufacturers have the aura around their name that Porsche does. Famous for staying true to its roots while delivering some of the most refined driving experiences on the market, Porsche appeals to a certain type of owner.  However, within Porsche’s lineup are a variety of vehicles built for different buyers and budgets. While […]

Since the 2012 model year, all new vehicles have been required to employ traction control systems (TCS) to maintain the car’s grip under acceleration, as well as an anti-lock brake system which does the same under braking.  While these systems usually go unnoticed, as they’re made to, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues that […]

It’s not uncommon for certain cars to develop a reputation for a specific issue, but there may not be a more well-known failure point in the car industry than Subaru’s infamous head gasket issues.  While the brand has largely eliminated this problem on their modern vehicles, there was a period of time when head gaskets […]

When considering a German luxury car, there is a lot to weigh between the three biggest manufacturers. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes all offer sophisticated, high-performance, and technologically advanced vehicles. Outside of engine options, interior specs, paint color, and price, the all-wheel drive systems offered by these brands are often compared. While the systems (Audi’s Quattro, […]

Volvo is well known for its luxurious interiors, practicality, and especially safety. The iconic Swedish marquee has produced some of the most advanced and safe vehicles of all time. However, just like any luxury make, many prospective owners worry about the maintenance costs and reliability of the vehicle. Are Volvos Reliable? Volvo has built a […]