Are Volvos Reliable?

Volvo is well known for its luxurious interiors, practicality, and especially safety. The iconic Swedish marquee has produced some of the most advanced and safe vehicles of all time. However, just like any luxury make, many prospective owners worry about the maintenance costs and reliability of the vehicle.

Are Volvos Reliable?

Volvo has built a reputation for creating quality vehicles, and that holds mechanically as well. RepairPal has Volvo ranked at a 3.5/5 for reliability, which falls into their “above-average” category.

While Volvos aren’t as reliable as Japanese makes like Honda and Toyota, they still hold up very well and shouldn’t cause you too many issues. Compared to some other luxury brands, Volvo comes out on top in terms of dependability in the long run. 

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Common Volvo Issues

While generally reliable, there are a few common issues specific to certain Volvos you should be aware of before purchasing one. 

Rapid Oil Consumption

One of the most noted issues that Volvo vehicles face is excessive oil consumption. While it depends on the specific model, Volvo owners have reported prematurely failing seals or gaskets within their engines. 

Volvo was even sued for this issue regarding their 2013-2016 models fitted with the 2.0L four-cylinder or the 2.5L five-cylinder. The lawsuit alleges the oil control ring fitted to these motors was unable to properly drain oil from the cylinder wall and allowed it to accumulate and burn within the combustion chamber. 

Even if your Volvo doesn’t fall within the models affected by this specific issue, you should still keep an eye on your oil level and ensure your engine is running with the proper amount.

Faulty Cooling Fan

Another issue that seems to affect a variety of Volvo vehicles is problems with the cooling fan. Whether it’s because of a fan clutch failure, faulty thermometer, or electrical issues, losing your cooling fan can lead to overheating and significant damage. While it can be hard to tell without popping the hood,If you notice your cooling fan is not working properly, have the car inspected by a professional as soon as possible to avoid harmful temperatures. 

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Transmission Failure

While not as common as some of the other issues on this list, transmission issues are some of the most costly to fix. The model most noted for this issue is the V70, which has one of the most problematic transmissions ever fitted to a Volvo vehicle. This automatic gearbox is known to shift erratically and unpredictably, putting excess strain on the transmission and leading to significant issues down the line.

Fuse Box Corrosion

Due to the location of Volvo fuse boxes under the dashboard, they’re prone to accumulating water and failing as the electronics corrode. The best way to avoid this issue is to ensure your fuse box is properly sealed, as even small leaks can allow in enough water to cause problems. 

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Volvos are a luxury make, which means that parts and labor to repair them can often be more expensive than the majority of vehicles on the market that use more widely available parts and less complex components. 

However, compared to some of its German counterparts, Volvo does undercut them in terms of cost according to a YourMechanic estimate. So while Volvos are not “inexpensive” to maintain, they’re fairly on par for the luxury segment. 

Volvo Maintenance & Repair in Ann Arbor

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