When Should You Service Your BMW’s Fuel Injectors?

The timing of fuel injector cleaning, inspection, and servicing often relies on the routine maintenance schedule for your specific BMW; however, there are other factors that can contribute to premature need for servicing fuel injectors, such as driving habits and conditions, as well as the vehicle’s history of care. In this article, we’ll elaborate on how to know when to service the fuel injectors in your BMW.

What is the main purpose of the fuel injectors in your BMW?

Your BMW’s fuel injectors are a critical component of the fuel system. Their main purpose is to deliver the gasoline into your engine for the combustion process; but this function occurs in a precise fashion to enhance your car’s performance. The injectors release a pressurized, measured spray of fuel into your direct-injection engine to mix with the oxygen from the intake to create combustion. If the fuel injection process is not working according to specifications, it can cause your car to inefficiently use fuel reserves, which can cause your engine to run less than optimally, create prolonged engine damage, and decrease your fuel efficiency.

Not all BMWs are created equally; therefore depending on the model and year of your BMW you may require specialized care for the fuel injectors and different intervals of servicing. There are a few things you can do as a concerned driver to keep your fuel injectors functioning well, short of caring for the fuel injection system yourself.

What can contribute to fuel injector failure?

There are a number of factors that contribute to fuel injector wear, clogging, or ultimate failure which ongoing servicing and collaboration with a BMW professional can help to prevent. These are the three most common contributory conditions:

Using the wrong type of fuel

When you use a fuel type that is not specifically designed to optimize your BMW’s fuel efficiency, then it could cause deposit buildups to occur in your engine. Higher quality fuel has more cleaning power, which keeps clogs from occurring.

Inadequate maintenance

The fuel system in your BMW requires consistent, ongoing care practices in order to function properly. When any part of the fuel system isn’t properly cared for, it can create a chain reaction of part failure, which may include the fuel injectors themselves.

Dirty fuel filters

Beyond using the right type of gasoline, the fuel filters create a direct line of defense, or a barrier if you will, that prevents contaminates from entering the fuel system. When the fuel filters become clogged or dirty, this can lead to clogged or failing injectors over time.

Signs and symptoms of failure to be aware of

It is critical to remain aware of the symptoms of fuel injector failure, as you will need to report them accurately to your BMW specialist when the attempt to diagnose and service the issue. These are the most common warning symptoms you may encounter that will alert you to service your fuel injectors:

Fuel odor inside the cabin

A fuel odor in the cabin may indicate that there is a leak somewhere or a buildup of pressurized fuel somewhere. This is problematic and sometimes dangerous. If you smell fuel intensely inside your car, it’s time to bring it in for a fuel system inspection right away.

Rough running and starting

If the fuel injectors cannot provide the right amount of fuel to the engine, then the car will run into problems each time it must ignite or combust. Running into starting issues and performance issues like staggered acceleration are common when fuel injection system problems arise.

Noticeably decreased gas mileage

Failing fuel injectors will produce noticeably diminished fuel efficiency or lowered gas mileage. This is concerning to drivers, and often ends up costing more money the longer the problem goes unaddressed.

What you can do to ensure your BMW receives the servicing it needs

  • Enlist the help of a shop that specializes in BMW cars
  • Stay on top of your car’s routine maintenance schedule
  • Follow up with concerning signs of fuel injector failure immediately
  • Use the right type of fuel designated for your car

How Orion Automotive can help you

Knowing when to service your BMW’s fuel injectors can be tricky, as sometimes it requires thinking outside of your normal maintenance plan. The BMW experts here at Orion Automotive Services in Ann Arbor, MI, have extensive knowledge and experience working with various BMW models over the years, and we take pride in our ability to provide preventive care to avoid the common issues associated with clogged or failing fuel injectors. If you’ve recently experienced the symptoms associated with clogged or failing injectors, please call us right away to schedule a specialized diagnostic appointment.

* BMW M2 2016 image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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