What Does The Oxygen Sensor Do In An Audi?

The oxygen sensor is in the vehicle’s exhaust system, not too far from the area of combustion. It monitors how much oxygen remains in the exhaust after fuel has been burned. The oxygen sensor plays a critical role in making sure your car’s combustion process is efficient as possible. This helps with your fuel mileage as well as vehicle performance.

If the oxygen level isn’t correct, then the sensor will indicate there is a problem with the air-to-fuel ratio in your Audi and the sensor will signal your car’s computer, letting it know an adjustment is necessary. The computer will then make the necessary adjustment and the oxygen sensor continues doing its job through monitoring and signaling while making sure your car’s air to fuel ratio is right. This ensures your vehicle has the most efficient fuel burn that it possibly can. This is important for your wallet, because lower fuel mileage will cause you to have higher travel expenses.

Your Oxygen Sensor is Important for the Environment

While your Audi oxygen sensor will help you, it also helps the environment. Your Audi oxygen sensor ensures that fuel is properly burned, so it produces emissions that are less harmful to pollute the air. Your oxygen sensor helps keep your car’s performance at optimal levels, as how the fuel burn has a big influence on how well your vehicle runs.

It also affects the lifespan of vehicle parts, including the catalytic converter. When an oxygen center malfunctions or stops working, it can cause the catalytic converter to fail long before its time. The catalytic converter is an expensive fix, which you don’t want to have to address. Depending on the engine, some vehicles have more than one oxygen sensor. For example, traditional V6 and V8 engines have three oxygen sensors while V6 and V8 transverse engines have four oxygen sensors.

How To Test An Oxygen Sensor

If you suspect a problem with your oxygen sensor, you can have it tested. It can either be left on the Audi or removed for testing. The testing process requires two tools, a high-impedance digital voltmeter and a backprobe. First, the wires around the sensor are checked to make sure they look normal and there is no wear and tear. The vehicle should be started, and it will need to continue to run until the engine reaches 600 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure an accurate sensor reading can be acquired.

The back probe and voltmeter are used to measure the sensor as a set number of points and under specific conditions to determine if there are measurements that are faulty or inaccurate. Since testing the oxygen sensor does require special tools and knowledge, you should let your qualified Audi mechanic handle the process so that a proper diagnosis can be done.

It Is Less Expensive To Replace An Oxygen Sensor Than To Continue Driving

It is much less expensive to have a faulty oxygen sensor replaced than to continue driving your car with a bad oxygen sensor. You will have higher travel expenses because of the worse gas mileage. You might also damage other vehicle components, especially the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter replacement could cost $1,500 to $2,000. You will need to have a licensed Audi mechanic to handle the replacement of the catalytic converter because it is a detailed process and involves working with the emissions system on your vehicle. If you have noticed anything unusual with your car’s performance or decreased gas mileage, you should have it checked by a qualified technician right away.

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