Tips to Prevent Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

Over time and use the oil in your Volkswagen begins to thicken into sludge due to high temperature and contamination from dirt and dust particles. This is why it is important to change your oil regularly. Unfortunately, the sludge finds corners and pockets throughout your engine to accumulate over time. The more it builds up the more it begins to cause excess friction, increase the temperature, and bring overall engine performance down. How do you prevent this buildup in your Volkswagen and clean it when it gets to be too much and begins to affect your engine performance?

The importance of taking care of sludge quickly

One of the problems with sludge buildup is that it does not grow at a normal rate in your engine. It is not a slow gradual growth that you can control by driving slower or less. As the oil thickens, the heat increases, the friction grows, and metal shards begin to be shaved off into the oil. The thicker the sludge, the more shavings in the oil, the thicker the sludge. Sludge in your engine begins to proliferate exponentially. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

How does sludge affect engine performance?

When oil comes in contact with oxidation, it forms sludge. Oxidation on iron is very detectable as rust. On other metals it is less noticeable, and the inside of your engine is out of your general sight. Since the sludge prevents the oil from lubricating the moving parts and preventing friction properly, your engine temperature will raise, causing distress in your engine cooling and timing system. With all of this clogging, it can easily cause your engine to overheat.

Your engine systems are built to keep the temperature and other important aspects regulated at a normal level. If you push your engine harder, by driving uphill or hauling a heavy load for instance, it will get hotter. More heat produces more sludge, and you may find your Volkswagen overheating right at the time you need it the most.

What can you do if you think your engine is suffering from oil sludge buildup?

1. Be aware of the common symptoms that indicate sludge buildup in your engine. This includes running at a high temperature and running with higher than normal idling. You may also see drop in oil pressure as well. As these symptoms move toward the extremes, you will see your check engine light turn on as well.

2. Without an auto shop and the equipment required to take an engine apart and clean it thoroughly, you will not be able to remove the sludge yourself. It can be a very dirty, time-consuming job for one without proper training as well. Therefore, the best way to deal with sludge buildup in your Volkswagen is to get it in to a trusted and trained European auto technician.

What can you do to prevent sludge buildup in your Volkswagen engine?

1. There are two main ways you can prevent sludge buildup in your car: you can keep your engine running well and free from sludge by getting your oil changed and maintained at the regular intervals. The Volkswagen manufacturer has recommendations for you to follow.

2. Along with oil changes, you should have your engine serviced and cleaned regularly. Trained technicians can tell if sludge is building up quite easily. They will know which places to expect buildup in the engine without having to comb through it entirely. They can safely and efficiently examine and clean out any problem areas in your engine.

Many problems can be made worse by inexperience or improper equipment. Not all mechanics are trained to work with European model automobiles. It is imperative that you find a trusted and trained shop to work and maintain your Volkswagen. Orion Automotive Services has been serving the Ann Arbor, MI region for years. They have the training and factory certified tools to care for you highly engineered Volkswagen automobile. With their expertise in these models, they can quickly ascertain the problems your car may be having and have access to the appropriate parts that you may need. Don’t wait until sludge buildup begins to damage your Volkswagen engine. Call Orion Automotive Services and schedule an appointment today.

* Volkswagen Touareg ІІ image credit goes to: PavloBaliukh.

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