Role of the Screen Filter in Volvo Fuel Tanks of Ann Arbor

Sophisticated engines that are fitted into modern vehicle models have been fine tuned to ensure that these engines run efficiently. In luxury brands such as the Volvo, which offer excellent performance as part of their selling points, having a fully-functional engine is vital.

Within the engine are several smaller components. Each play an important role in ensuring a fully-functional engine. One such component is the screen filter. This is responsible for ensuring that fuel going into the internal combustion chamber is without contamination.

How It Works

The screen filter is situated in the engine, where it filters out fuel before it is allowed into the internal combustion chamber. When the fuel is passed through the screen filter, any unwanted substances in the oil are trapped in the filter, and only pure oil is injected into the combustion chamber. Unwanted substances, in this case, could be small stones, soil, and dust that may find their way into the fuel tank.

In filtering out the unwanted substances from fuel before it goes in for combustion in order to power your Volvo, the screen filter helps to prevent the engine from getting damage that would otherwise be caused by impure fuel getting into the combustion chamber.

Causes of Screen Filter Issues

The screen filter in your Volvo can develop issues in the course of your driving. These issues can make your driving experience turn into a nightmare if left unchecked because of the negative impact they may have on your vehicle’s performance.

The main reason why the screen filter in your Volvo can develop problems is if it becomes clogged. The amount of debris that gets trapped in the screen filter can become too much and cause the filter to be completely clogged. A clogged screen filter will not allow fuel to pass through it and into the combustion chamber, and in case it does, the fuel going through may not be enough. It goes without saying that without fuel going into the engine’s combustion chamber, you are likely to have major problems.

The Impact of Screen Filter Issues on Your Car

Some of the negative impacts that you will experience in your car when the screen filter has issues include the obvious loss of power which is a direct result of the poor flow of fuel into the combustion chamber. This loss of power will be more pronounced when accelerating or when driving while carrying a heavy load.

Another possible effect of screen filter problems is that you will notice the engine misfiring. This is also caused by the lack of sufficient fuel getting into the combustion chamber where it is ignited by the spark plugs. When the fuel is not sufficiently let into the internal combustion chamber, the lowered engine efficiency will also cause the check engine light on the dashboard of the car to illuminate.

Ways to Prevent Screen Filter Issues

When it comes to matters relating to the engine of the car, it is always better to be proactive and prevent issues from developing rather than reacting when problems have already reared their ugly heads. The screen filter can easily be protected through simple maintenance tips which include:

● Ensuring that you adhere to a strict servicing schedule, where your mechanic flushes out all the engine components and cleans out the oil before changing it for new oil.
● Sticking to the quality of fuel that has been recommended by the manufacturer, since it will likely be less prone to breaking down and wearing out, turning into slurry that can quickly clog the screen filter.

In the event that the screen filter is already clogged, and you notice the signs pointing to the same, you should immediately take your car in for a proper inspection. This will enable the mechanic to take corrective measures before the damages renders the engine permanently damaged.

Having a mechanic with experience in dealing with foreign brands such as Volvo is more ideal, as they will certainly know how to go about taking the corrective measures. We at Orion Automotive Services have a wealth of experience in servicing Volvos. Our certified technicians are ready to help get your car back on the road in good shape, if you are in areas around Ann Arbor, MI. Visit us or schedule an appointment, and we’ll take it from there.

* Volvo V90 image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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