Reasons for Erratic Lights in Your BMW at Ann Arbor

Owning a BMW is a luxury. Each make and model have a performance level that is incomparable to other vehicles. The BMW you choose as your own will be unique because no two BMWs are exactly alike. All exteriors are designed with eye-catching features are the interiors have many different options that will fit whatever your needs may be. Your BMW will not only look good, but it will perform even better in all aspects from the engine to the miles per gallon. When you purchase a BMW you know that you are getting a vehicle that is set above the rest.

As your BMW gets older, it will come across some issues, even if you have been diligent in keeping up with the maintenance and repairs. One of the issues that can occur is lights erratically flashing. This can happen to your head or tail lights or it can happen to your interiors lights, such as the lights that illuminate your dashboard.

When this begins to happen, it is important to bring your BMW in for servicing because this issue can indicate that there is an electrical problem. If the electrical problem persists, it can prove to be dangerous while driving. Below are a couple of reasons as to what causes erratic lights in your BMW so you have some idea as to where the repair might be done when you take your BMW in.

Alternator Issues

One of the major and most common causes for erratic lights in your BMW is the alternator. The alternator is the piece of equipment that provides all of your vehicle’s electrical needs. This is not to be confused with the battery. The battery is necessary to start your BMW, but once the engine is running, it is the alternator that sets the electrical current through the vehicle and also charges the battery. When the alternator begins to lose proper functioning, the lights will be the first to indicate this. Your headlights may sporadically go from extreme brightness to dim lighting. A failing alternator can also cause the lighting of the meters on your dashboard to dim.

Starter Issues

The starter is another part of your BMWs electrical system that may be the cause of erratic lighting issues. The starter is the part that actually gets your engine going. When you turn your key, the battery gives a little power to the starter, but it is really the starter doing the rest of the work.

Once receiving the power from the battery, the starter rotates the flywheel, which turns the crankshaft. Then the engine pistons begin moving.

Although starter issues are harder to diagnose than issues with the alternator, a certified technician can properly diagnose the problem. When taking your BMW in for servicing, you will want to make sure that the technicians are inspecting the starter in addition to the alternator since the problem could be stemming from either part.

Bringing you BMW in for Servicing

The erratic behavior of lights in your BMW is your vehicle’s way of letting you know that it is time to take it in for servicing. Driving with very dim or very bright headlights can be dangerous for you and anyone else on the road around you. You will want to bring your BMW in for servicing as soon as possible.

Orion Automotive Services is located in Ann Arbor, MI, where you and your BMW will receive quality care you can trust. Our technicians have all received the best training and certifications so you can rest assured knowing that they know how to properly take care of your BMW.

When you bring your vehicle into us, we will use the latest and most up to date diagnostic equipment to ensure that the problem with your BMW is properly identified. We utilizes many different pieces of equipment and tools that are specialized for BMW models, so you will know that the correct readings and diagnostics are being collected. Once the inspection is finished, we will work with you in securing the best parts at a price that is more affordable than that of dealerships. When we have completed servicing on your BMW, you will be know that we have done it right the first time.

* BMW X6 image credit goes to: alkimsarac.

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