Possible Reasons Why Your Volvo’s Cooling Fan is Malfunctioning

There are a few scenarios that trouble Volvo drivers more than anything: flat tires and engine overheating. The latter is one of the most highly documented automotive issues in the country, yet it’s also one of the most preventable. One common reason for engine overheating, especially during the warmer months of the year, is a malfunctioning cooling fan.

Your Volvo’s cooling system is what keeps the engine running at an optimal temperature, and without a working cooling fan the system cannot perform its job effectively. Being informed about such automotive issues is the foundation for giving your Volvo the care it requires. In this article, we will provide some background information on why your cooling fan is malfunctioning and what you can do in the future to keep this from happening to you and your Volvo.

What is the Main Function of Your Volvo’s Cooling Fan?

Your Volvo’s cooling fan, also known as the radiator fan, is an essential component of the cooling system in your vehicle. As we mentioned before, the cooling system is a complex set of parts that helps to regulate the internal temperature of the engine to avoid overheating. If the radiator isn’t adequately cooled due to a faulty cooling fan, it can lead to catastrophic engine damage that can often be avoided with proper preventive care. Here are a few of the possible reasons why your cooling fan is malfunctioning:

Clutch Assembly Failure

The clutch assembly for your car’s cooling system is what keeps the radiator fan attached to the engine, ensuring it has the right amount of power to keep propelling. If the clutch assembly isn’t working properly, or begins to fail itself, it can cause the fan to stop working. Over time, the clutch assembly will begin to wear and require servicing. Inspecting the clutch assembly for your cooling fan should be a part of routine care for your Volvo.

Sensor Failure

Your Volvo’s cooling system relies heavily on the temperature sensor to determine if the engine requires a cool-down. The sensor initiates the fan motion to cool the engine when it gets too hot; therefore, if the sensor is failing or becomes damaged it trigger the cooling fan to come on at the appropriate times.

Low on Coolant

Fluid care is one of the most critical elements of ongoing auto maintenance; when it comes to radiator fluid, it may not directly determine whether the cooling fan is working properly or not, but it will certainly not produce the desired effect of the cooling fan. In other words, the fan is useless if the coolant liquid isn’t there. Keeping coolant full and free of contaminants can certainly help prevent engine overheating.

Electrical Issues

Another common cause of cooling fan failure or malfunction is electrical problems. The cooling system, as well as many other components of your Volvo, relies on electrical impulses, which cannot be communicated properly with failing electrical components. Here are some elements to consider when it comes to electrical maintenance:

Bad Wiring
Wiring can corrode over time, which impedes important communication channels for your cooling system. Having wiring frequently inspected is recommended for a number of systems in your car, and should certainly be a part of ongoing cooling system maintenance.

Faulty Fuses
Fuses can blow in your car, which can affect anything from your power door locks and windows to engine functioning – the same is true of your cooling fan in your Volvo. Replacing blown fuses or attending to electrical issues is essential in order to keep your cooling fan running all year long.

A Preventive Approach to Auto Care

Viewing your Volvo’s ongoing care from a preventive lens is the best way to keep from dealing with cooling system issues. The Volvo experts here at Orion Automotive Services have helped build our reputation as the leading dealership alternative in the Ann Arbor, MI, area, and we’re proud to assume that title. Our clients’ safety and satisfaction is our number one priority at all times, and we make it a point to act preventively with each vehicle we service. To have a cooling system inspection performed, or to learn more about our shop’s qualifications working with Volvo cars, please contact us to speak with a helpful specialist.

* Red Volvo Car image credit goes to: ESezer.

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