Effects of a Bad Front Radiator Support in Your MINI

The MINI, like many other cars, is safe to drive as long as all the parts and components are in perfect condition and are working perfectly. Keeping the car in perfect shape ensures that you have event-free driving experiences, as it should be. Your smooth driving experience can be seriously hampered if your Mini Cooper suffers a bad front radiator support.

Unfortunately, for some reason Mini Cooper manufacturers use plastic to make the front radiator support, and because of its position in the car, it is highly susceptible to damage.

What is the Front Radiator Support?

The radiator plays a huge role in helping to maintain the temperature in the engine at optimum while it runs. On its part, the radiator is supported and mounted by a front radiator support mechanism. This system protects the radiator from suffering damage by securing it under the hood of the car. The front radiator support also holds the condenser assembly and cooling fan system, preventing them from coming to harm.

Causes of Front Radiator Support Breakdown

The most common cause of a bad front radiator support system is an impact from bumping into something like another car or a stationary object, like a wall or pole. Getting rear-ended can also damage the front radiator support system. In the case of such an impact, the radiator support may become bent or broken; causing damage to the radiator that can also cause leakage of the coolant fluid.

In the MINI, hitting a curb or a high bump can also damage the front radiator support.

Symptoms of a Bad Front Radiator Support

Some of the signs of a bad front radiator support system include an obviously bent or broken front radiator support, which can generally be spotted with a visual inspection. In addition, you may notice leaking coolant that will present in the form of a greenish pool under the front of your MINI.

Over time, the engine of your car will start to overheat as a result of the malfunctioning of the cooling system, so if you see the temperature creeping up on your dash, it is a good indicator that your coolant system needs a once-over by a skilled MINI mechanic.

Effects of a Bad Front Radiator Support

Having a bad front radiator support can bring on a number of problems for your MINI Cooper. Some of these effects include overheating in the engine of the car. This is because the bent or broken front radiator support mechanism keeps the cooling fans as well as radiator in place so that they function properly. Damage in the front radiator support leaves these parts exposed or worse, damages these parts, leaving the engine without an effective cooling system.

A broken front radiator support system can cause the radiator to break, as well leading to leakage of the coolant. This means that the engine temperature will not be regulated and so it will become overheated. Needless to mention that it is very dangerous to drive a car with an overheating engine, which is why it is highly recommended to park and wait for the engine to cool down before continuing to drive, preferably into a repairs shop.

When you Have Radiator Support Problems

Should you notice any defect in the front radiator support of your MINI, you should get to a repairs shop as soon as possible. This is because in case the cooling system of your engine has been compromised, it will need urgent repair. If the radiator has not been affected, you will still need to have a specialist correct the problem in order to prevent the radiator from coming to harm as it jostles around without the proper support under the hood.

Repairs of this nature may be quite costly and difficult to execute. For this reason, you may want to seek help from a professional repair shop that has experience when it comes to German models. Choosing this caliber of professionals will ensure that you only get quality service from people who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to your MINI.

Because the MINI has a front radiator support made of plastic, knocking it right back in place is out of the question, so you will have to seek outside help. Orion Automotive Services is your trusted repair shop when your MINI needs any kind of service or repair in Ann Arbor, MI. We are ready to help as soon as you give us a call.

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