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Volvo Service

Orion Auto is your best choice in Ann Arbor for Volvo service. Chip has been a factory trained Volvo service tech since 1999. He brings his Volvo certifications to Orion with pride.

Back in the beginning of Orion in the 1990’s we serviced Volvo and Saab only, branching out to other makes as we added staff and clientele.

We use the finest materials to service your Volvo. We use Volvo factory parts or aftermarket materials sourced through European OEM suppliers.

Orion Auto loves Volvo so much that our loaner fleet always contains a few Volvos. Currently we have a super-sweet Volvo v70, purchased from the original owner after being maintained by Orion for 8 years. This is the third ‘hand-down’ Volvo purchased from the same family who have been customers since 1999!

We know your Volvo is engineered to last a lifetime, allow us to provide the routine maintenance and repairs to make it your Volvo for life.

Volvo Repair in Ann Arbor

With proper care and regular maintenance your Volvo can easily be on the road out performing other vehicles 10 years from now. Volvo’s reputation for reliability and performance is well earned. The best way to ensure your car is one of those Volvos is to keep up with scheduled services such as oil changes, tune ups, and alignments or balancings. At Orion Automotive in West Ann Arbor we handle all Volvo issue big or small. We can handle all of your standard services along with complex jobs such as engine overhauls or transmission repairs. All of our mechanics are ASE certified and we have a number of master’s certified and European factory certified techs as well.

Why Orion Volvo Repair

Volvo owners know their cars are beautifully designed, safe and reliable cars. They are packed with power and performance under their hoods. We understand your love and passion for your Volvo and here at Orion Automotive, our technicians share that passion. We handle your Volvo with the care and integrity it deserves. When Orion Automotive first opened in 1992, we serviced exclusively Volvo and Saab vehicles. Our reputation is built on 20 years of happy Volvo and Saab owners. We also have a Volvo factory certified technician with over 20 years of Volvo experience diagnosing and fixing Volvo vehicles.

Volvo Repair in Dexter, MI

Because of our convenient location in West Ann Arbor, you can now use Orion Automotive for all of your Dexter Volvo repair needs. Just take Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd. South to N. Wrangler Rd. and make a right. A quick left on Liberty and you will be at our fully equipped Volvo repair shop. Stop by our give us a call for any Volvo maintenance or repair issues.

Volvo Specific Issues

Despite Volvo’s quality building and engineering there is inevitable a few models and years that are known for specific issues such as whinning sounds or transmission failure. Because of our long history working on Volvos, we are experienced with and knowledgeable of all the Volvo specific issues you might encounter during your Volvo ownership experience. We will quickly and accurately diagnose your car. Because we believe an educated customer is a happy customer, we will thoroughly explain to you any issues with your vehicle and your options. If you have any questions about Volvo repair in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, or Brighton, just give us a call. We are happy to help.

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