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Mini Cooper Service

The Mini Cooper

Sleek, modern, and fast; the Mini Cooper revolutionized the car industry. A number of car manufacturers have tried to mimic the Mini Cooper success to no avail. Ever since it was released in the American car market in 2002 it has been a popular choice. There are a variety of models available including 4-door, coupe, and convertible. The low profile design and characteristic racing stripe down the center ensures that it will turn heads wherever it goes. The original Mini Cooper was released in the early 60’s in the U.K. and they are considered a British icon. In 1994 BMW took control of Mini Cooper and reworked the vehicle into the high performance, rally style car that it is today.

Mini Cooper Repair in Ann Arbor

Mini Coopers require the same precision car and service as any other European import. Finding a repair shop qualified to work on your Mini in the Ann Arbor area is a difficult task. Because Minis were first commercial released in the U.S. in 2002 and not many shops have taken the time to study them and learn how to properly repair and service them. We have been repairing Mini Coopers in the Ann Arbor area since 2002 and have more than 10 years of hands-on experience working on them. We stand behind our work and guarantee we offer the best Mini Cooper Service in the Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, and Brighton areas.

Mini Cooper Performance

A Mini Cooper is more than a car; it’s a performance beast. Finely tuned, fast, and powerful; they pack quite punch into a tiny package. It’s true what they say; the best things come in small sizes. Minis have unrivaled gas mileage in their performance class and they have been designed by the same engineers who bring you BMW; the ultimate driving machine. There are a variety of turbo charged and supercharged models available. At Orion Automotive, in addition to engine, transmission, and electrical systems work, we offer a variety of aftermarket performance enhancers to really make your Mini zoom. Whether you want a supercharger or an air mass meter, our masters certified euro import specialists are ready to install it for you. Not sure what you need, but know you want more power or acceleration? No problem. Just let us know your budget and what you want out of your car and we can recommend the best choice for your needs.


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