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Land Rover Service

Ann Arbor Range Rover Repair

The average Range Rover repair shop in Ann Arbor has less than 3 years of experience working on Range Rover vehicles. That is a scary thought. Next time you need to have your Range Rover serviced in the greater Ann Arbor area, give Orion Automotive a call. Our experienced mechanics have over 15 years of combined experience working on all of the Range Rover models. We have been specializing in Range Rover repairs since the late 1990’s. Our techs have hands-on experience diagnosing and fixing all models of Range Rover from the early model Defenders and Discoveries up to the newest Vogues and HSEs.

Range Rover Service in Chelsea, MI

Looking to get your Range Rover repaired in the Chelsea, MI area? Orion Automotive is conveniently located just 20 minutes away. Head down highway 94 until you get to the Liberty Rd. exit. Head east on Liberty and you will be at our Range Rover repair shop in no time. We are one of the only Range Rover repair shops around with factory trained and ASE master mechanics.

Getting your Range Rover Repaired in Brighton, MI

Michigan winters can be brutal on your Range Rover. The salt and moisture cause a number of rust and corrosion issues. The salt and other debris can also build up on your brakes and causing uneven and premature wearing. The cold winter weather also causes the air in your tires to deflate causing reduced handling and over structure weakening. Making sure your car is properly maintained with quality antifreeze, oil changes, and alignments will go a long way to helping your Range Rover perform winter after winter.

Specialized Range Rover Service

At Orion Automotive in West Ann Arbor, we have been servicing many of the same Range Rover clients for years. They come back to us again and again because of our fair dealings and quality work. We have built a sterling reputation as the premier service center for Range Rover repair in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. We have all of the newest Range Rover specific tools and diagnostic computers to handle any issues that might arise with your Range Rover. Additionally we have access to repair manuals and owner’s manual for all Range Rover models for your reference. If you have problems or questions about maintaining or servicing your Range Rover in the Ann Arbor area, just give us a call. Our knowledgeable and friendly techs are happy to help.


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