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Hi friends,

We at Orion are continuing to take the necessary steps to keep our guest and our staff healthy.

So here is the plan to keep us all safe and happy.

Until further notice, only Orion team members will be allowed in the building.

1. Guest will schedule appointment by phone, email, or website.
2. One of us will contact you to schedule a drop off time.
3. Drop keys in after hours chute in little vestibule in front of building.
4. One of us will contact you with assessment. Our software is perfect for communicating recommendations. You can call, text, email us at anytime. You can approve work in the email we send you.
5. We will take payment over the phone and schedule a time for pickup.
6. After service we will thoroughly disinfect your vehicle and park in front of building.

We will do anything in our power to make doing business with us easy. We are happy to pick up and deliver your vehicle for free (within 15 miles please).

We are, as always, thoroughly cleaning our facility throughout the day and we are restricting our teams travel as much as is possible.

I know this is an inconvenience for all of us, but we believe it is essential to 'flatten the curve' so we are able to protect those of us who are particularly at risk from this virus. Please take a moment to thank all the people who are keeping food and essentials rolling.

Take a minute to thank Michigan Medicine and St Joes hospital staff. Call one up if you know and say thank you.

So let us keep you rolling through all this. We are here to serve!


Lucky for us we cook at the shop every day!


We at Orion Auto are committed to providing the highest level of service for all your car repair needs. We service all Japanese and Domestic nameplates. We are equipped with state of the art everything. From our new Hunter vehicle alignment system to our war chest of six scanners, which provide us with factory level communication to all makes. From Toyota, Honda, Mazda, to Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler we are equipped with the staff and equipment to provide the right service the first time.

We also:

  • We recycle everything!!! From the old brake rotors form your service to the packaging they came in we recycle it all! We recycle more used materials than any shop in town!!
  • We properly recycle all fluids, oils, and filters through Safety Clean.
  • We have loaner cars and bicycles by appointment.
  • We provide low cost car rentals for longer services.
  • We provide a shuttle as far as North campus each morning.
  • We offer concierge vehicle pick-up and delivery.
  • Most services are same day turn around.
  • We use the highest quality materials.
  • We provide an 18 month 18k mile warranty.
  • We ROCK!!

For the best Mini Cooper repair in Ann Arbor, bring your prized little Mini to Orion Automotive Service because we have all the equipment and expertise to take care of its service needs from preventative care to major repair. We specialize in quality European cars and have everything at our disposal from the technology to trained technicians to maintain and fix your favorite Mini.

We have all the parts and maintenance items available for all models of the Mini, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday. Developed in England in the late 1950s as an economical alternative to the big gas-guzzlers of that era, the Mini soon became the most popular car in Great Britain.

Mini enthusiasts sometimes call themselves Miniacs because they are crazy about their little British cars and want the best for them, so check with us at Orion before taking it to a dealership, because we are a little nuts about Minis too. Orion is also an excellent choice for your Saab repair in Ann Arbor where it is the car of choice for many discerning drivers. The Saab 900, in fact, was James Bond’s private vehicle. Agent 007 had his 900, called the “Silver Beast,” outfitted with various gadgets in the John Gardner novels.

We offer all of the same dealership maintenance and service plans for your valued Saab and keep it racing right with our specialization in working on the distinctive Swedish-manufactured automobile. Our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and are European factory trained. You will find the most reliable Volvo repair in Ann Arbor at Orion where we have all the diagnostics and trained mechanics to do the best work on your finely crafted Swedish machine. We know Volvo owners are attached to their cars – some even to the point of naming them — and with us you can rest assured yours will get the first-class treatment you expect for it in one of our auto bays.

Our Land Rover repair in Ann Arbor also provides the same services by trained technicians for the smooth operation of the vehicle that is able to go anywhere, no matter if it’s cruising around the suburbs or on an extended safari.

Modeled after the Jeep, it is the world’s’ second-oldest four-wheel brand. It was made for hard, dependable service and to keep it operating at its best, bring yours in to Orion for the same excellent service. We have everything to work on your legendary vehicle which originated in Great Britain.

We are your best bet for German auto repair in Ann Arbor. Bring your car in today to experience our award winning service.

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